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What just happened? The Verona in New Port Richie reminded me of the legendary Viper Room during its glorious beginnings, showcasing what were to become the rock royalty.

What Happened, was SISTER KILL CYCLE! Commanding the room with a solid performance and memorizing stage presence, SISTER KILL CYCLE literally rocked The Verona as the lead vocalist went stage diving into the crowd of loving fans.

Artist Bio


Sister Kill Cycle has stirred interest all over the US as well as abroad since slamming into the music scene with their intense stage presence and performances. Utilizing a self made light show and professional production, the group brings life to any stage they perform on. Self described as shock rock and roll, Sister Kill Cycle have perfected the art of genre bending and writing music for fans of multi cultures and generations. Fronted by Raven Chain, the band have been growing and evolving since 2001! After relocating to Tampa, Florida, 2004 saw the release of the band’s debut EP entitled “Massacre the Guilty”. The band self recorded the EP but had the help of Chris Telkes(NOCTURNE) for mixing and was mastered by long time friend Sara Lee Lucas(Ex-Marilyn Manson) at his masterlab studios in Orlando. The release captured the attention of both fans and critics alike, landing the band on top spots on internet charts including the Florida charts for most plays and also the highest rating on for May 2004! Currently the band has a fanbase of over 6,000 friends on and are constantly promoting themselves through touring and social media. In 2010 the band released their first full length album entitled “Redemption through Rebellion” on their own label Negative Image Music Group. Again, mastered by Sara Lee Lucas at his Masterlab facility. The band toured the US constantly supporting this record and the momentum has not stopped. Currently, the band has been working on a new record entitled “Public Enemy Number One” and plan to release two music videos in addition to the record. Sister Kill Cycle currently have endorsement deals with BC RICH guitars, DDRUM, KUSTOM AMPLIFICATION, FLOYD ROSE, EMG and ROLAND. SISTER KILL CYCLE have had the pleasure of performing with many national acts as well as a spot on several national tours.

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